The DBA Story

DBA is a journey. It’s your journey and it’s been my journey. It’s the journey that took me from the muddy school playing field to international sport; that taught me how to behave both on and off the field; to win with grace and to lose with dignity; and it taught me who I was and what I could become. It can do the same for you.


The power of sport knows no boundaries. The hard work and sacrifices you make along the way are what makes success so much sweeter.  Anyone can have a dream but it’s turning that dream into a reality that defines success.  Whether you’re dreaming of a new personal best, making a national team, being the season’s top scorer, becoming an Olympian or simply taking that first step into the gym, you’ve come to the right place. There’s only one person standing between you and your dreams….


No matter how many people believe in you, believing in yourself is the only thing that counts.  That is why I want you to believe in your strength, believe in your ambition, believe you can be the best. Believing helps you discover the inner determination to succeed, even when the odds are against you. It enables you to overcome the insurmountable and it teaches you to be the best you can be. Above all – if you believe, you won’t regret.


My experiences, and the people I’ve shared them with, have confirmed to me the role that inspiration, dedication and motivation play in achieving your goals. Inspiration. Dedication. Motivation. Three big words that underpin the DBA philosophy. I want you to be inspired when attending a DBA Event. I want you to find that extra motivation when you wear DBA Apparel. I want to help the dedicated DBA Athletes to achieve their dreams.

All the faces that you’ll find on this website belong to athletes, I’ve played with, worked with and coached. They are now some of my closest friends and greatest inspiration who, unbeknownst to them, have been a huge driving force for DBA. Everything they have achieved started with a dream.

Welcome to Team DBA.

storm trentham

Storm Trentham