DBA Sports Foundation

DBA Sports Foundation

DBA Sports Foundation is launching early in 2016 in order to  support a number of different charities and campaign.

Sporting Chance International: exists to help to improve the lives of young Kenyans via sport. Through fundraising events and trips to Kenya, we are able to support the great work of the charity such as the football and rugby academies, sports tournaments, Kenya Lacrosse, primary and secondary schools, feeding centres and AIDs orphanages. We also put on a yearly Jigger’s Disease Campaign where we treat all the local individuals in Western Kenya of this disease and supply them with trainers to help prevent it in the future.  (See Kicks For Kenya below).

Support For Sport: We aim to collect as many sports bras (and normal bras.) as possible and donate them to all the female athletes involved with SCI, including KENYA WOMEN’S LACROSSE.  We all have old (sports) bras that we hoard in the back of our drawers so why not give them new life and a wonderful home in Africa. What we take for granted, is a total luxury for others…..do you have the boobs to make a difference……..?  Please send all CLEAN sports bras to: DBA SPORTS, 47 CASTLE STREET, SALISBURY, WILTSHIRE, SP1 3SP and enclose your name, email and postal address. If your school, university, club or team would like to coordinate a collection point then please contact info@dbasports.com

 Kicks For Kenya: Our amazing partners, Profeet, are supporting our  ‘Kicks for Kenya’ campaign which helps the needy individuals associated with Sporting Chance International.  Profeet will collect and donate all their customer’s old trainers to this campaign so DBA Sports can take them out to Kenya multiple times a year to supply the individuals treated with Jiggers Disease and those within SCI’s football and rugby academies along with the Kenya Lacrosse athletes. 

 Cancer Research UK: many of us have been effected by cancer and DBA is supporting the great work of CRUK by donating 10% of sales from our Inspired By Cancer bra to the charity.

Jillion Potter Foundation: Jillion Potter played in the Women’s Rugby World Cup, France 2014, however her life turned upside down on her return when she was diagnosed with Stage III Synovial Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Two days after returning from Paris, Jillion had a tumour removed, and faced months of chemotherapy and treatment. Despite having health insurance, the USA Olympic 7s hopeful was predicted bills of over $16,000. 10% of our Inspired By Cancer bra will go to fund Jillion’s treatment and the Sarcoma Foundation of America.  It is with huge delight to announce she is currently in remission….back on the pitch, the current USA 7s captain and on the road to Rio.  The comeback of comebacks!

The Balls to Make a Difference Campaign 2016: DBA Sports Foundation is launching its 52 weeks of giving.  All you need to get involved are ‘the balls to make a difference’. Simply commit to doing one good deed a week for 52 weeks of 2016. For each week you miss, put a pound, euro or dollar into a jar and on the 31st December 2016 you can donate your jar to a charity of your choice or choose from one of the associated charities on this page.  So you’ll end up helping people whether you do a good deed or not. Win. Win! 

If you would like to help support any of the above charities, whether you have a fundraising event in mind or would like to visit SCI in Kenya, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

DBA Sports also wants to help charities close to the hearts of our customers. Feel free to call and we would be more than happy to discuss fundraising ideas and our potential involvement.


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