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Sensationally stylish, masterfully motivational and pricelessly practical……..

We know you get excited to go to the gym, to complete a training session, to shake your moves in a zumba class or to hit the field whenever you get that new item of sports wear. It’s only natural, we’re female after all!

DBA Sports Apparel is the new, innovative and comfortable sportswear created to make you get up and stand out. The motivational quote gives you that little extra inspiration. That extra 1% that everyone talks about.

Regardless of whether the quote is on show or not, from the moment you put it on, that little message will be on your mind to inspire you when times get tough. Your challenge will no longer be the mountain you’re about to climb, it will be which bra you’re climbing it in! The days of making excuses are long gone, soon you’ll be making excuses to train……

Here you can not only choose from a number of colours and different quotes but we are able to produce group orders for teams, clubs, schools, brands or for sporting events.

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