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AGE: 07/03/1998SPORT: Rugby 7s


Kenya U20s 15s 2017 - 2018
Kenya 15s National Squad
Kenya 7s National Squad




Homeboyz Rugby 1st Team Dubai Sevens 2018

U20 15s first call up January 2017 (Runner up Barther Cup)

Senior National Team 7s 2017

U20 tour to Namibia 2018

Senior National Team 15s 2019

Safari 7s Champion, Nairobi 2019 (Kenya)

Current Kenya 15’s training squad


WHO INSPIRES YOU AND WHY?  Oscar Ouma. Firstly his style of play and everything around it but mostly how he carries himself outside rugby

WHO'S HAD THE BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR SPORT?  Coach Felix Oloo (my Nakuru Academy Coach and now the Head Coach of Nakuru rugby and Kenya Women's Rugby)

FAVOURITE ATHLETE?  Jimmy Butler (Miami heat NBA player)

PRE-RITUAL COMPETITION?  Talking to my teammates, playing music out loud and making sure my teammates are in the zone.

5 THINGS I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT?  Tough one but I sum it up by saying God. Play Station. My short collections. Family. Rugby.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR FOR SUCCESS?  Believing in God and putting in the work.

 IF YOU WERE NOT A RUGBY PLAYER RIGHT NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU BE?  Maybe I would still be a soccer player.

SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU?  Im a Sudanese refugee and moved to Kenya when I was 18 months old.  My family were in and out of refugee camps until I was 11 years old. From 2013 I was involved in gangs to get money to survive and for protection in my area.  In 2015 I was shot in my knee and thigh and I was hospitalised for 6 months.  It was during this time I reconnected with God and it was clear I had to change my life and that is when sport and rugby became my number 1 priority.  Living off 1-2 meals a day at home, I knew if I played rugby I would at least get fed after training... and the rest is history.

WHAT IS THE ONE GOAL YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE BEFORE YOU RETIRE?  To make it to the World Cup for 15s or 7s.