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AGE: 26/08/1998SPORT: Rugby 7s


Uganda National Team




U20 Uganda 2015 - 2017

Uganda 7’s National Team

All Africa Games, Johannesburg South Africa 2019

Challenger Series 2020, Chile & Uruguay


WHO INSPIRES YOU AND WHY?   I was inspired by the death of my father who passed on when I was just 3 years old he was a very good rugby player. I started playing to make my father proud wherever he was.  It turned to be part of me and my only hope since scholarships started coming in and saving my mum a lot financial troubles.

WHO'S HAD THE BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR SPORT?  My fellow teammates, Ugandan international Phillpi Wokorach who plays in France and our 7s captain Micheal Wokorach who has always treated me like his own since the beginning.  Finally, Kyadondo Rugby Club who helps sponsors the less fortunate kids,

FAVOURITE ATHLETE?  Phillpi Wokorach

PRE-RITUAL COMPETITION? Loud music and dancing to take control of my mind and body.

5 THINGS I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUTGod first always so prayers, teammates love and support on and off pitch , personal workouts and good nutrition whenever I get a chance.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR FOR SUCCESS? Prayers, hard work and being open to learning at all time.

IF YOU WERE NOT A RUGBY PLAYER RIGHT NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU BE I would probably be in the village right now farming since I wouldn’t have gone to school.

SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU? I love fun , making new friends, traveling, learning new things and I always love being home.

WHAT IS THE ONE GOAL YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE BEFORE YOU RETIRE? To go pro with rugby so that one I can change my mum’s life and give it back to the community by helping the less fortunate.