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AGE: 15/01/88 SPORT: Athletics


Kenya 110m hurdles, 400m hurdles & Relay




400m hurdles semi final at the African Championships in Nairobi 2010

Gold 4x400m relays, 5th place 110m hurdles 400m hurdles semi final at the All Africa Game in Congo 2015.

6th place 400m hurdles at the Africa Championships 2016.

3rd place (49.22 seconds) at the trials for the Olympic games 2016. Qualified as part of Kenya Olympic Team.

400m hurdles races in Germany and Finland 2017

Represented Team Kenya at the Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast Australia 2018 110m hurdles semi finals.

110m hurdles at the trial All African Games in 2019.

National Kenyan Champion 400m hurdles and 110m hurdles 2009 - 2019.

Kenya Police Champion 400m hurdles and 110m hurdles 2009 - 2019.


WHO INSPIRES YOU AND WHY?  I really inspire myself to be a champion of the day because I really want to achieve something in my life to change my life and my family at large. 

WHO'S HAD THE BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR CAREER? Myself because I realised I had a talent since when I was young.

FAVOURITE ATHLET? Kevin Young.  Former USA 400m hurdler who was both Olympic Champions and world record holder.

PRE-COMPETITION RITUAL?  I pray, eat well, sleep well and early, take a lot of water before or the day before competition.

5 THINGS YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT?  Food.  A good shelter.  Money.  Training.  Good health

MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS FOR SUCCESS?  Discipline, determination, focus and inspiration.

ANY INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT YOU?  I am a Police officer in Kenya. 

WHAT IS THE ONE GOAL YOU WISH TO ACHIEVE BEFORE YOU RETIRE? I need to win medals in major championship and keep improving my personal time.