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Team GB - PARALYMPICS T44 100m & 200m


Storm says

'Initially when Laura reached out in order to become a DBA ambassador, we weren't look for any new athletes. However, by the time I reached the end of her email and had spoken to her on the phone it was apparent that there were too many coincidences: with her UOBHC connection, her Welsh International caps and a few other random links, I knew she was meant to be part of Team DBA.

Despite her switch from the hockey pitch to the athletics track being relatively short, Laura has already made a significant impact in the world of Paralympic sprinting. Winning two bronze medals at the 2014 European's and a number of gold medals on the IPC Grand Prix circuit this year, ultimately lead her to be named captain of Team GB at the 2015 IPC World Championships, a fantastic accolade to her name!

Everyone speaks so highly of Laura, whether it is her old hockey teammates or those who also train at her base, Loughborough University. She is extremely focused and willing to sacrifice everything in order to finish on the podium (the top!) in all her competitions and we are hugely excited to follow and support her all the way to Rio and beyond.’


200m T44 New British Record - World Championships 2017
5th place 100m T44 - World Championships 2017
5th 100m t44, 5th 200m T44 - Rio Paralympics 2016
European T44 100m Silver Medallist 2016
Team GB Captain - IPC Athletics World Championships October 2015
3 Gold medals in IPC Grand Prix Events 2015
Double European Bronze Medallist 2014
IPC Athletics World Championships 100m 5th 2013
IPC Athletics World Championships 200m 4th 2013
Former Wales Hockey International


IPC World Championships in London 2017
World Championships 2017 Medal Placement
Tokyo 2020 Medal Placement


Who inspires you and why?

Any athlete that has been successful. I am truly inspired when I see different athlete’s journeys and how they have overcome things to achieve them.

Who’s had the biggest influence on your career?

My Mum and Dad. They were always the ones to encourage me to join sports clubs and drove me all over the country to help me pursue my dream.

What is your current job?

Full time athlete.

Favourite Athlete:

Jessica Ennis.

Song that best describes you:

Any songs that have the word ‘Sugar’ in them tend to get sung to me a LOT.

Actress you would like to play you in your life film:

Kate Winslet.

3 things you cant live without:

Tea, my phone and chocolate.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a sprinter?

Probably still playing hockey and a PE teacher.

What’s currently on your ipod?

A whole load of cheesy songs!

What’s the most important factor for success?

Never giving up.

What lesson do you refuse to learn?

To write things down that I’m supposed to remember, I still convince myself I wont forget things.

What’s your best quality?